The most durable form of decoration that looks perfect on every kind of fabric 
- from knitwear and fabric to felt and jute.

Embroidery applique and incrustation

Vintage but still very popular way of decorating, mostly school wear. 
The laser cut letters (or any shape you want) create nice spatial effect. 
Applique combined with printing looks super oldschool.

3D embroidery or pixel embroidery

Super fancy and unusual embroidery. They are really effective and eye-catching garment decorations. 
They require arduous embroidery process but it’s definitely worth it.

Embroidered patches

Nowadays, it's the most popular way of clothing decoration. You can stitch it down by yourself or with our help. 
The unique technology guarantees that our patches stay in their form even after several washings in 90°C.

Embroidered key chains 
we can embroider almost everything in various shapes.


What we offer?

In Cottonwood Merch we take care of the highest quality - both the clothing that we offer and decotaion techniques. High-class cotton should serve as a perfect material for any kind of decoration. In Cottonwood Merch we guarantee it.

Wide range of colours and styles of t-shirts and sweatshirts made of organic cotton as well as classic capssnapbacksbeanies, trucker caps and cotton bags - is what we offer. 


What is important to mention - we send sample pre-production photos so we can accomodate every your comment to the project, before the bulk production.


Merchandise. Whom for?


We direct our services at music artists and festivals as well as companies who look for promotional gifts for their customers and work wear for their employees. Send us your project and decide on our collaboration!


We do our best to help you in every step of your product line - we present several proposals and you decide which is the most suitable for you.